Monday, September 27, 2010

Mission Statement

Perhaps you are wondering why I have asked you to participate in the inauguration of my blog.  ‘Who am I to blog?’ you may be asking yourself.  ‘What the fuck do I have to say about anything that is even remotely thought-provoking or worth listening to?’ That is something you are definitely asking yourself. 

And I hope you are asking these questions.  Because that will occupy the majority of my blog...asking questions. I will never profess to have any answers...but I will always ask what I feel are important questions.  Questions about politics, about sports, about entertainment, about the cyclonic zeitgeist that whirls about us ad infinitum.

I have been plagued by intermittent insomnia since I was twelve and when I cannot sleep, I have a tendency to think myself into such a frenzy that sleep is no longer a viable option.  And when I reach this point, I write.  I purge myself of all thoughts and feelings that have me writhing in cognitive dissonance instead of entering REM sleep. 

And it is at this ungodly hour at this stage in my life where I have decided to begin blogging.  Why?  Because it’s cheaper than therapy.  Or maybe it’s because I have this inexplicable, unquenchable desire to communicate my thoughts and feelings to as many people as possible.  I do it as an actor and I do it as a writer.  Actually, it is not so much a desire as it is a NEED.  I NEED TO EXPRESS.  I NEED TO COMMUNICATE.  I NEED TO BE HEARD AND I NEED TO BE UNDERSTOOD.

So...can you hear me people?  Can you understand me?  I hope you can.  And if you canplease keep reading and share this blog with others that may as well. But if you can'tdo us both a favor and find another cyber-wave to surf, find another blog to dry-hump and leave me alone with my self-indulgent, pseudo-intellectual sidewalk philosophy.  I have important things to communicate...and I need an audience that is eager to listen.

Is it arrogant for me to claim that I have interesting things to communicate?  Probably.  Is blogging a form or unbridled literary masturbation?  Absolutely.  But what can I say, I love jerking off.  And although I welcome feedback or input, I do not offer my opinions in hopes that you will state your affirmation or disapproval.  My ego does not inflate at your approval...nor does it deflate at your condemnation.  My thoughts are my thoughts and I choose to share them with you.  Because in all honesty, if I do not empty my head periodically, I will probably drive myself insane. 

So as of this moment...I blog...therefore I am.